Inti Raymi the Inca Sun Festivity in Cusco


Date: 24 Jun

Inti Raymi or the Sun festivity is the most important celebration in this part of the continent. Every June 24, tourists from all over the world gather around Sacsayhuaman fortress, located a few minutes from Cusco in order to experience a legend, a ritual-ceremonial show filled with incomparable cultural richness.

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The sons of the Empire were afraid that the Sun God, source of life, would disappear from the universe, and in order to avoid such event they implored him to stay in order to remove hunger away from the Tawantinsuyo. This is the essence of the festivity that celebrates the arrival of the winter solstice.

In this day, the Inca becomes again the supreme ruler, and the sun is the divinity that everybody claims for abundant harvest. To begin the ceremony, the Inca, wearing his finest clothes and carrying his scepter and his shield, enters carried by his subjects that represent the people from the four suyos or cardinal points in the former Inca Empire. Two llamas are sacrificed to honor the Pachamama or mother earth, while dancers display their abilities along drums, chanting praises toward the sun. There is no other festivity like this in the whole world. Cusco is waiting for you!

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