Virgin of Carmen Festivity in Paucartambo


Date: 15 – 16 Jul

When the Spanish conquered the Inca Empire, they imposed their customs and religion. The reason
there are so many festivities dedicated to the Virgin is because, in secret, she represented the cult towards the Pachamama or mother earth to the natives.

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In Paucartambo, at 110 km from Cusco, we celebrate the Virgin of Carmen or Mamacha Carmen festivity. She is the mother of mestizos, that is to say those children born from Spaniards and native mothers.  On the main day of the feast, the image of the Virgin of Carmen goes on a procession by the town streets blessing the participants and scaring away the demons that practice risky pirouettes over the roofs. The war between the faithful and the demons is a show that mixes paganism and faith. The endless fight between the good over the evil where good ones win.

Come and celebrate the Mamacha Carmen Festivity in Paucartambo!

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