Trujillo Marinera National Contest

Trujillo, La Libertad

Date: 01 Jan – 01 Feb

Every year the northern city of Trujillo is filled with happiness, rhythm, and color along marinera music. And that is because thousands of couples from all over the country come to the Mansiche Coliseum in order to participate in the Trujillo Marinera National Contest.

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Having its Hispanic, Indian, and African origins, marinera represents the essence of our cultural roots. This dance represents a flirting, a seduction game between a man that imitates the grace and elegance of our Peruvian Paso horse and a woman who is coquettish, arrogant, and delicate. He wares a linen poncho and straw hat, she wears a silk blouse and a long and very full skirt that follows her movements. Both, dancing along a cajon and a guitar, agitate their white handkerchiefs for almost five minutes of magic, music, and joy.

Trujillo is waiting for you. Enjoy the hospitality of its people.

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