Top 3 Advantages of Group Travel

Planning a large family vacation, or a trip with your friends? Don’t be afraid to look beyond your borders. Peru has a lot to offer and there are many advantages to traveling with a group.  Here we present the top three reasons for group travel, so start packing those bags.

1. Economize and Take Advantage of Private Tour Services

Budget constraints are the #1 reason why travelers opt for shared or pooled tour services. However, you have little control over the itinerary and the people who travel with you. In addition, some tour operators handle as many as 30 tourists at a time, so it is hard to ask questions or learn more about the things that really interest you.

When you travel in small groups of about 7-8 or more, the cost per person for a private tour may actually be the same or less than that for a shared service tour because costs are spread among all. You can have a more customized experience because you’ll have a private vehicle, driver, and tour guide for yourselves. Plus, you’ll like the people you’re traveling with because they’re all part of your party!

2. Stay Safe Together

Safety is always a key issue when travelling abroad, especially in underdeveloped countries like Peru. Group travel will make you less vulnerable to pick-pocketing or safety concerns because you will all be looking out for each other.

3. Have More Fun & Experience More

You will not run out of things to do because there will always be someone who’ll want to do it with you. You can all share in sightseeing tours and planned activities as a group, but you can also do some exploring on your own or with like-minded individuals. Try a restaurant, go to the farmer’s market, go souvenir shopping with the kids, try an adventure sport.

Peru offers something for everyone and that is the beauty of traveling with your own group of friends or family members. You can all live big, memorable experiences together, and still find that there’s so much more you can discover on your own. Just make sure you allow some free time when planning your trip, so that all have the opportunity to do what they would like.

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