Mistura: A Melting Pot of Peruvian Flavors at your Fingertips

Mistura 2016, in its 9th year, will take place in la Costa Verde in the district of Magdalena from September 2nd through the 11th. It will proudly showcase more than 180 restaurants, food trucks and establishments that will offer exquisite flavors from the sea to the Amazon jungle, from the grill to the wok, from traditional to fusion. It is a spectacle, for your senses, that only takes place once a year in Lima, Peru.

Mistura – You can Also Shop for Organic Products at the Food Market

Peruvian gastronomy combines its multicultural heritage with distinct regional flavors to create a unique range of delicious food that can appeal to the most demanding palates. Peruvians have always been proud of their food, but it was little known to the world as recently as twenty years ago.

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Over the last two decades or so, Peruvian cuisine has experienced a renaissance that has had local chefs winning accolades and opening restaurants in Peru and around the world for their exotic yet flavorful creations. Today, Peruvian food is definitely on the map and lucky for many of us who are in Lima in September, we can go to Mistura 2016, the largest food festival in Latin America, and enjoy some of the most iconic and traditional Peruvian foods as well as regional delicacies, all in one place!

Try Peru’s signature dish, the Ceviche, or the traditional Ají de Gallina.  It wouldn’t be a true experience without tasting Anticuchos or the Chancho al Palo or even the Paiche from the Amazon or the Chupe de Camarones from the Coast.  The Arroz Chaufa is unforgivable and the Peru-Japanese fusion Makis are sure to delight.  There are so many options available that one day at Mistura 20216 is not enough.  Just make sure to get there early and try half portions to experience as many dishes and delicacies as possible.  Leave room for dessert and organic coffee which are also gaining world status for their creativity and flavor.

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The Unbeatable Ceviche. A Must at Mistura.

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