Ica Vendimia Festival


Date: March

Wine is the essence of the land aged in barrels. In Peru, Ica, located approximately 300 km. (165 miles) south of Lima, is the place for the best grapevines and the country’s most ancient and traditional viticulturist wineries.

Every year in March – and for a whole week – people celebrate the grape festival, most known as the International Harvest Festival or Ica Vendimia Festival, an event that welcomes thousands of local and international visitors who enjoy the local folklore, the beauty of the Miss Harvest Pageants, and the tasty flavors of the local food, wine, and spirits.

During these days, Ica becomes an endless party with music festivals, cock fighting, and Peruvian Horse riding everywhere. People drink Pisco, Peru’s flagship drink, cachina, and, of course, wine. Wineries wait for you with open arms, you just have to follow the “wine road”.

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