Cross of Chalpon in Motupe

Motupe, Lambayeque

Date: 01 – 07 Aug

The town of Motupe is located at 90 kilometers north of Chiclayo, in the department of Lambayeque, on Peru’s northern coast. And as many places in our country, its history is related to a religious event.

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Chalpon is a very difficult access mountain located about 10 kilometers from Motupe. The history of the Cross of Chalpon comes from the XVII century when a hermit religious placed a wooden cross that saved the town from a great flood. Since then, the spot where the cross was found became a peregrination place where thousands of believers go to thank and give proof of miracles granted. On the main festivity day, there is a procession, a multitudinous display of devotion that can only be compared with the one offer to Senhor de Los Milagros (Lord of Miracles) in Lima. That same day, at night you can find fireworks, musical bands which create a party atmosphere, typical northern food everywhere, as well as Peruvian Paso Horses’ exhibitions. During your stay to visit the Senhor de Sipan’s archeological site, we invite you to be part of our festivity of faith.

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